Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Hello everyone... my name is Academic Butterfly (AB for short) and I would like to welcome you to Fluttering Through Academia.

I wasn't sure where to start but one of my friends suggested starting with why I'm an academic butterfly. In short, I'm a HUGE dork... I love reading and writing and learning. I'm also a huge fan of butterflies. The longer answer... I'm currently working on my M.A. in English (don't judge my grammar lol) and I will be applying for Ph.D programs this coming fall. I really do love butterflies because they go through stages and I feel like they best represent me and where I am in my life.

I decided to start this blog to track my journey over the next 5 to 6 years as I work towards becoming Dr. AB. Anyone who is in academia knows that it is not an easy place to navigate and you learn a lot by trial and error. Part of my decision to start this blog is to hopefully help someone else going through the same journey or just starting out. I also want to meet others out there like me... I want to hear about your journey and hopefully we can learn from one another... Academia is a rough place... being a lowly graduate student can be difficult and having a good support system is key.

What you can expect?
~ Rants/Vents about the daily frustrations that come along with being a graduate student
~ Funny stories about this wonderful place we call academia
~ Question and Answers... if you've got questions I'll try to find answers
~ What to do/ What not to do posts
~ Advice for getting started

Disclaimer: While I am a graduate student in an English department I do not use perfect grammar and sentence structure when blogging... I love ellipses (...) so you will see a lot of those.

Next post: Semester in review... my research interests